Adaptive Innovation Solutions

For Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI); Internet of Things; Data Center; 5G Connectivity; Smart cities and devices.

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Services Platform

We explore the unknown to discover technologies to help people all over the world lead happier, healthier lives. We’re a global provider of information system, web and mobile application, communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices.

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Logistics & Warehouse

Our technologies and services enable and streamline Data Center operations ranging from receiving and storage to picking, packing and shipping. The broad range of worker productivity tools help solve challenges from the warehouse through last-mile delivery.

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Energy Evolution

Lower your lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 50-80% with biofuels produced using our solar PV-diesel hybrid technology. Reduce NOx and CO2 emissions with carbon capture and storage and hydrogen solutions. Maximize renewable energy generation with our long-duration batteries for increased uptime and reliability.

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